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What can Cwm do for you?


Core Services

CNC Precision Engineering generally focuses on CNC Milling and CNC Turning of a wide variety of metals to satisfy detailed design requirements for manufacturing, whether for engineering components or for tools that will create these components.

Materials for precision components

We can work in almost any material you need.

Specialist suppliers across the UK.


Typically : -

-  Stainless Steels – All grades

-  Specialist Alloys

-  Titanium

-  Brasses and Aluminium Alloys

-  Plastics - Delrin, Nylon and Peek

-  Castings and Extrusions


CNC Turning and Milling are primary services from Cwm Engineering Ltd.  By being able to offer CNC Turning and Milling as core engineering competencies, our skilled engineers can deliver quality products,to time and budget and means that you can rely on Cwm Engineering as a key component supplier to your business

By using state of the art CNC Turning and Milling Technology, the high level of automation reduces operator fatigue and allows experienced engineers to focus their attention to other crucial, value added, manual aspects of the component production process.